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What to Expect at Island Family Chiropractic Wellness

Welcome mat

You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door.

Ready to Get Started? Your First Visit

You’ll be welcomed warmly and greeted by Debbie or Dr. Gibson. We have a comfortable and welcoming environment in our office, so make yourself at home.

We’ll begin with the new patient paperwork. You can download the forms on our site and fill them out at your own convenience ahead of time if you’d like.

Time For Your Exam

Then, it’s time to meet your Coram Chiropractor for an in-depth consultation where we’ll get to the root of your health concern. We’ll do an examination where we’ll look at your bones and joints and neurological system. We’ll conduct a thorough ortho-neurological exam.

Typically, your first visit will be a consultation, evaluation and may also include an adjustment along with adjunctive therapies if needed. Please prepare for your first visit to last around an hour.

Dr. Gibson will thoroughly review the results of your tests and also make sure that we’re a good fit for your care. We’ll be upfront about whether we think chiropractic can help. Once we determine where your health stands, we can discuss your options for care. Together we will review the plan of care that will best suit your needs. You’ll be personally guided and given a specific, tailored plan. Our goal is to get you healthy and release you from care so you can enjoy your life pain free.

How Many Visits Will You Need?

Every individual is unique and has their own specific needs and specific treatment plan. We educate all our patients on the importance of health and wellness and how their specific plan will help them to reach those goals. We’ll teach and show you how to maintain the great results you got in the office on your own. Dr. Gibson feels that everyone should feel vibrant and healthy and we want to help get you there.

Your health is entirely in your hands. We think you’ll like it here, so come find out for yourself. Call us today!

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